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What Salespeople Need to Know About the New B2B Landscape

Forget the funnel and the classic AIDA model, what a colleague of mine describes as “disrupt the linearity“, buyer’s journey aren’t linear anymore.  It’s about being closely aligned between sales and marketing, in a smart and adaptable combination of in person and on line relevant activities, of course customer obsessed. It’s no longer an “OR”, but rather an “AND”. 

This HBR article, source below, is not very recent (2015), but reading it again just highlighted how we should completely revisit our joint Sales & Marketing go to market. Key to your success if not done already or at least started, digital and human have never been so much interweaved than today in B2B demand generation. 

Source: What Salespeople Need to Know About the New B2B Landscape

Online leads: do you act timely to respond?

Reading an interesting research summary in HBR that I wanted to share.

Whether you are a B2B or B2C company, the time taken to respond to prospects stimulus online can significantly change the ROI of your web presence. As this research shows, many firms are too slow to follow up on these leads. As HBR states:
– 37% responded within an hour
– 16% within one to 24 hours
– 24% took more than 24 hours
– and 23% never responded at all!

As companies are investing significantly to get prospects out of the web, they should have a much better turnaround, don’t you think?

Reasons not to do so include retrieving leads from CRM daily rather than on the fly, sales forces focusing on their own generated leads and rules for leads dispatching not effective enough (“fairness” can be damageable).

Where are you with this? Better know where your marketing ROI is headed sooner than later.

Happy Easter.

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Integrate an end-to-end viral marketing to your Marketing 2.0 plan

Viral Marketing is an integral part of Marketing 2.0. Thus agencies are starting to exploit the lack of integrated tools and strategies for you to have a full viral marketing set of tactics embedded in your campaigns. Here are some of the available ones I noticed:
Some marketers have a tendency to think that viral marketing is just about creating an e-mail buzz or post a funny video on YouTube. DON’T! Viral marketing is more than just one isolated tactic or a trendy gimmick to sparkle on your existing plan. It is an entire dimension to your on-going marketing strategy.

The difficult part of it is to address influencers as a demographic target. In fact influencers usually aren’t. As Regis McKenna coined it many years ago, in his famous book The Regis Touch – 1985, influencers include all individuals between the vendor and its prospect impacting the decision to buy. And as Regis stated 20 years ago: 90% of the world is influenced by the other 10%. The good news in the Web 2.0 era, is that we now have means to identify and enroll influencers over the web. Some call it building communities – read Isabel’s post about it as an example.

Whatever it takes don’t miss it: integrate end-to-end viral marketing to your Marketing 2.0 plan. Make sure you identify end engage over time influencers to maximize Marketing ROI, especially if you’re dealing in B2B Marketing. Don’t forget to let them talk and listen.

Online spending trends in B2B Marketing

Just a quick one to be shared for those of you mostly in B2B marketing, as I do, and wonder how online media investments are evolving more specifically in this environment.

Here are some projection from www.eMarketer.com in a report they’ve just released Marketing Online: Trends and Tactics. To be noted that according to this report, spending on B2B marketing and advertising regained the momentum lost during the bubble burst in 2000, reaching $2.4 billion in 2006 to be compared with deceleration in traditional media.

Interestingly in the US, 98% of 220 manufacturers interviewed do have a web site, and 87% for more than 3 years. Even better, 52% consider their site as the most powerful marketing tool, knowing that increasing pressure on Marketing accountability and return on investment (ROI) makes this “most powerful” judgment a relevant one.

As you’ll discover in the table above, the share of online spending compared to total B2B Media spending seems to evolve rapidly towards 10% average on its way to 13% in 2010. In our industry, I mean IT, we’ve gone beyond that point since long. But we’re naturally incline to do so as our customers are 100% on the web, and use it as the primary information source after peers recommendation. That would open an entire topic of interest, very dear to me in B2B, which is marketing via the influencers, to be totally revisited in light of Web 2.0 i.e. another Marketing 2.0 facet.