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What a pivotal year in our industry! Mobile, Cloud and Social making new leaders

What a pivotal year in our industry! Let’s face it, IT has been attesting more evidences that its tectonic forces at work did let emerge new leaders and previous ones fade.

Combining this to Big Data and associated analytics to get a modern business insight, let’s attest we’re already in a new world. Get ready if you’re not already! CIO, CMO, CDO or CEOs, don’t let your competition harness these revolutions before you get a chance to compete or lead: initiate change now.

One year since Steve passed away, why do I care

It’s been already one year, lightning fast, since the late Steve Jobs passed away. I remember vividly the very day this was announced in our part of the world, I was in Paris that day.

Like I think most of us, there a great times and troubled times in our life. This is part of what life is about and why we grow and learn more than usual in these tough moments. Human nature is lazy and we sometimes wait for adversity to kick in to really unleash our full potential. This day was a day like this to me, I wanted to fully be part of the social revolution and walk the talk.

Since quite a while, when I felt a bit down, I went back to Steve commencement speech to recharge my motivation and inspiration batteries — listening to it while I write this btw. It’s there, in your face, what you really must focus on to get rid of that grey weather on your mind. “Stay hungry, Stay foolish” coins it pretty well to me.

On that specific day, one year ago, I felt the urgent need for a change. It became obvious and explicit when I heard on the radio, going to work, “Steve Jobs is dead”. Passion didn’t seem to be my day to day and I wanted to embark onto new heights. I enjoyed very much the revolutions we’ve been through in the last 30 years and each time I tried to grab a piece of it to fuel my path. Started with the PC revolution in the early eighties — I founded my software company, then came the Internet revolution — I was preaching fortune 500 top execs with the IBM logo in the back then switched to Sun Micro to live the Silicon Valley excitement about it, and now is the era of the Cloud, Mobile and Social Networks — brought me to Salesforce.com. Steve inspires many of us, since long. When leading a team of developers back at the software company I founded years ago, I’d share with them “The journey is the reward” and the story of the Macintosh. I wanted to inspire them to achieve “insanely” great things.

So this is why I care. I’d really like to meet with more youngsters willing to change the world. The conventional wisdom surrounding us tends to mitigate this, wrongly. Let’s remember more often individuals like Steve and the ones he chose to have in the Think Different campaign, the crazy ones, the misfits, to change the world and make it a better place for all of us.

Mobile computing is taking IT by storm: mobile world congress – iPad 3 announcement – Ray Ozzie interview

Without surprise it was the mobility week recently. With Mobile World 2012 just closing, this has been a week of announcements and research publications. As eWeek tries to summarize it, here are 10 hot mobile Trends to watch at Mobile World Congress 2011:

  1. Bigger is better: it seems larger display are more desirable this year
  2. Android Galore: without Apple around, Android was everywhere leaving Windows on the side for next year
  3. Microsoft needs Nokia—desperately
  4. Dual- and quad-core processors are everything
  5. Fresh new designs aren’t needed? No revolutionary designs introduced.
  6. The “converged” device matters: smartphone bridging the gap with tablets
  7. There’s no changing carriers: disappointed if you wanted to hear some breaking news from Carriers though customer relations are in pain.
  8. Companies think there’s room for other operating systems: Mozilla announced its own mobile OS, Samsung did the same with Bada, running after Android and iOS.
  9. iPad 3 fear reigns supreme: anticipated announcement on March 7, even Google had to admit via Andy Rubin that they’re behind iOS.
  10. The enterprise is an afterthought: Mobile World Congress is all about consumers. To be analyzed with CIO client strategy in the enterprise.
$GOOG Google Play replaces #Android Market, new source for apps, books, movies and music (funny video 1’30)engt.co/zYiIaf
The New Era of Computing bit.ly/xjxIfO

The announcement of the iPad HD, capturing all the buzz, is showing once again how much Apple is running the show. It looks like the entire industry is positioning itself regarding Apple and the impact of “The Barber Of Infinite Loop” on once the center of all attention Microsoft could be serious. Thus I encourage you to take a look at this Ray Ozzie interview video, the once Bill Gates visionary successor at Microsoft, who is starting a new venture and tells it very directly PC doesn’t mean desktop PC anymore but Personal Computing in a variety of form factor. What a thrilling industry!

Apple’s new iPad announcement: The numbers to know | ZDNet zd.net/ACGsNH
Video Q&A: Ray Ozzie, Bill Gates successor as $MSFT visionary on startups, Microsoft, … states world is over the PC bit.ly/y4WY1s
The Barber Of Infinite Loop: How The #iPad Could Give Microsoft A Serious Revenue Haircut – $MSFT productivity apps tcrn.ch/wrrKC7

    Week in review: Social Networking Bubble – Value of User Experience – Winston Churchill leadership lessons

    Are We in a Social Networking Bubble? 
    Coming back from the Bay Area, I can attest IT is on a roll again. The front stage vendors have changed and the topics making a lot of buzz are Big Data with Hadoop, Cloud Computing and PaaS with a heating battle accelerating, Mobility with a head to head competition between Apple and Google Android and of course social networking with a search for talents and executives move (100k+ job posts in the Bay Area).

    All of this could make one think that we are living through a new bubble, thus I found this analysis pretty thoughtful and interesting.
    Additionally, here are some recent data about VC’s investment in the US: Venture capital investing hits 10-year peak, sparking bubble talk.

    Volume is not enough, User Experience is key: Android’s Market Share Collapses As Apple Surges Thanks To The iPhone 4S
    I am a big believer in the importance of UI for user adoption and as the main User Experience differentiator. User Experience, as I did state many times, is nowadays critical to stand out in crowded world. Any business not giving some thoughts on this is exposing itself to tough competition. Apple vs. Android is a very good example of how User Experience makes a difference in a very competitive market that saw key leaders like RIM Blackberry and Nokia decline, attesting to it.

    Winston Churchill’s Leadership Lessons
    Let’s close with some lessons learned from Winston Churchill leadership, though this ebook is not that great 😉

    • Seize the day,
    • Never hesitate to occupy the limelight
    • Do the necessary
    • Learn to be eloquent – but don’t get carried away by your own words
    • Stick to your guns – but know when to compromise

    Have a great week.

    Tribute to Steve Jobs

    With its latest achievements, this is a lesson for all of us that passion and determination are leading to achievement. We all will connect the dots later ….
    Farewell Steve and thanks for everything.

    iPhone launch: rehearse what product introduction should be

    iPhone is out for Oscars. If you didn’t get a chance to see the movie on Apple homepage, have a look it here on Marketing 2.0 from YouTube.
    This movie — created by TBWA Media Arts Lab, Los Angeles (a unit of longtime Apple shop TBWA/Chiat/Day) — has been screened 3 times during the Oscar broadcast and marks the first time since long that Apple advertises for a not yet available product. It is a clear indication that the buzz is going to get huge.

    Steve Jobs previewed the iPhone during the MacWorld conference, early January in San Francisco – watch his Keynote address and rehearse again how product introduction should be done even when the product is not yet around 😉 . As usual, Apple demonstrates its ability to redefine an entire market by setting the bar about design and usability. Stay tuned, I’m convinced the iPhone is going to be a big hit if priced properly.

    "iPod ready": a new marketing gimmick

    I went to Apple Expo on Friday. I missed the Mac ecosystem for long and it was refreshing to feel this relaxed vibe again. One could smell creativity, innovation and fun everywhere. I was impressed with the amount of business generated around iPod, up to the car manufacturer clearly using this European event to promote their latest innovation like Mini and Audi. Is iPod ready becoming of importance for cars manufacturer?

    iPod ready devices were sparkling all around. This iPod ready screen from ViewSonic, announced on Sept 12, would tend to reinforce how PCs are not that important anymore. Plug your iPod and watch your videos, listen to the music or have your photos sliding in. USB connectors and memory card readers would let you use other devices as well. But take a close look at the icons, this is running MS Windows! Anyway, they’re promoting a “Made for iPod” label. Road to success? Isn’t Apple now the “iPod creator” company rather than the Mac one anyway?

    iPod has become an icon for reinventing a fading company around a breaking through innovative product centered on a web 2.0 trend: sharing music on-line. Remain to be seen how Apple iTunes will respond to Universal SpiralFrog investment to turn music into an ad sponsored business. And what about this strange silence from Google about music except this very late announcement into the game: Google Music Search. Now that Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, is sitting on Apple’s board of Directors, I’m sure I’ll have something to blog about in a very short while about iTunes response to free music. Stay tuned and listen to SOMA FM music, as I do, in the meantime.

    One final note. Customization is big when talking about web 2.0 business models, isn’t it? Check out this special customized Mini limo — yes a limo — that was presented in front of the show — see my pictures on flickr — so cool. And what do you think about this gaming seat from Playseats as well?

    Creativity is back. Hope and ambition are flourishing just as during the rise of the Internet bubble — except VCs are still skeptical. Web 2.0 is a reality fellow marketers, Marketing 2.0 is on its way.

    Did brand positioning change with Web 2.0 ?

    Coming back on how Dell is managing its customer service and the negative buzz happening in the U.S.- see Don’t you ever get Dell’d – , marketers should consider these emerging opinion bloggers as a clear indication of a brand perception shift and act upon it. As Business Week is reporting, Dell strategy is shifting from cost efficiency and constrained DSO, as outlined in this finance report, to improving customer satisfaction as “In 2005, Dell’s customer satisfaction rating fell 6.3% to a score of 74 in the Michigan ranking, the steepest decline in the industry” reports Business Week.
    But this week has signaled analyst concerns over the PC industry in the U.S., and especially pointed out Dell (DELL) and Apple (AAPL) which respective shares fell more than 4% and less than 5% respectively. Apple is suffering iPod new version tech delays, as Microsoft (MSFT) for its long awaited Windows Vista, but Dell “continues to be impacted by competition and adverse mix shifts within the PC market.” says UBS investment research and is loosing shares to its competitors. Check here for a one year stock performance comparison.

    The question is what is the best positioning dimension for a brand operating in such a mass market environment: operational excellence, product leadership, or customer intimacy ? – coming back on the Value Disciplines Model highlighted by Michael Treacy & Fred Wiersema in The Discipline of Market Leaders. If we’re only looking at stock performance over 5 years of DELL, Microsoft and Intuit (INTU) clearly representing the 3 dimensions, the answer seems obvious : customer intimacy wins in the long term.
    Then you would object, to put it more nicely than “I tend to object”, take a look at Apple stock compared to this and you’ll get a different perspective. I know some would even say Microsoft is not positioned as a product leader but I don’t want to get into this discussion being too much biased myself. Apple has been surfing on innovation and design to significantly go beyond customers expectations with iPod. But what Apple added to that Steve Jobs special cocktail of his is an excellent way of managing positive buzz in the market, especially on the web.

    These thoughts would benefit from a longer debate here or in a longer post, but for now I’d like to just strongly believe that the social implications of Web 2.0 technologies didn’t change Treacy and Wieserma analysis. Whatever the market you’re into, whatever the nature of your business, you need to find out for your brand what is the best positioning dimension among these three: operational excellence, product leadership, or customer intimacy. Marketers subscribing to Marketing 2.0 need to incorporate new ways of sensing the market pulses and their customers brand perception in order to make that decision and leverage Web 2.0 technologies to embed new marketing tactics for buzz management in their marketing plans. The most difficult thing I believe will not be to harness these new techniques, but to do it with transparency and honesty in their corporate communication. Not doing it, will get you Dell’d.