“Emmanuel has a real talent as a speaker and knows how to convey messages to a large audience. His keynote with the top 80 managers in France about CSR challenges was highly appreciated, both for his strategic vision and the operational examples; a concrete speech without blah-blah, all with good humor and friendliness. The parallel traced between digital and sustainable transformations is well articulated; if the topics diverge, the key message about the need for an underpinning transformation did resonate!”

Pierre Royer – Head of Climate & Biodiversity at Kingfisher Plc.

“A big thank you to Emmanuel Obadia for coming to keynote at our quarterly French leader’s meeting, for listening to our challenges, and for offering us a speech without any jargon, both instructive and positive about the sustainable transformation.”

Hélène Leroux – Directrice communication interne et Stratégie chez CASTORAMA France et KINGFISHER France

“Emmanuel addresses CSR and the substantive issues of sustainable transformation from an original and inspiring angle. His energy and his passion are communicative.
A top keynote!”

Anne-Virginie Dissard – Directrice Communication Corporate et RSE – France chez Kingfisher plc.



“Emmanuel is a rock star.
I always leave our sessions pumped up, like after a great concert. And what he said there still resonates in my mind weeks afterward, like a great song I cannot forget.
Like any star, Emmanuel is a super pro. He has an in-depth experience on all corporate core topics, and knowledge of so many methods and tools to move forward.
And, like any star, you can relate to Emmanuel. He has a fantastic personality and is the ultimate sparring partner: neither complacent nor harsh, but impactful and game-changer.
Rock-on, Emmanuel!”

Damien Garot, CEO of Stellar


“Emmanuel mentored me while I was working as VP Marketing at Didomi, a high-growth scale-up offering B2B software solutions, and needed crucial insights to structure our team, operations and processes. His coaching, mentoring, and advice proved to be very important for me as a young marketing leader, and I would recommend to any ambitious professional to get such an experienced advisor on board. Having a coach like Emmanuel helped me manage my team better and grow as an individual, even in challenging situations.

Emmanuel is a very kind individual, who brings structure to every working session and is able to quickly mobilize his experience leading marketing at global software companies. I could share a personal challenge, talk about a past meeting or an upcoming decision to take, or share a thoroughly prepared deck with him, he always found the appropriate balance between encouragement and toughness. More importantly, he is able to combine his feedback or advice with an incredibly important level of insight about people, organizations, and the various stakeholders involved in high-growth and high-pressure work environments.”

Yannig Roth, VP of Marketing at Didomi


“Emmanuel has recently been very helpful with my team in the context of transformation/customer experience development. His energy, enthusiasm, and expertise have been recognized by all my team members who were really thankful for what he brought. Indeed, he made a very dynamic and engaging presentation and run a workshop where his expertise in terms of customer experience knowledge and experiences was really appreciated.”

Constance Urvoy, Head of Marketing & Sales Procurement – Sanofi