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Let me share my passion for how sustainable development transformation combined with accelerated digital disruption is fostering a new world. Growing a profitable business isn’t contradictory to infusing People and the Planet to your company’s purpose and business blueprint. To that end, leveraging innovation and technology is a powerful strategy when co-designing it with your employees and customers creatively. Make it desirable, feasible, and viable.

are the themes I tend to write and talk about, with my B2B Tech lenses on. Please visit my blog and YouTube Channel for more.

Entering my 35+ years in Information Technology, see my bio and In the news for more details, I have already taken an active part in the last major paradigm shifts in our industry: the personal computing revolution in the ’80s, the Internet bubble in the ’90s, the cloud & mobile computing, social networking, Artificial Intelligence (AI/ML), Internet of Things (IoT) in the new Millenium. Having provided executive leadership for fast pace High Tech businesses in Marketing, Communications, Digital, Business Development, Product Management (CPO), M&A, and Alliances roles, I started as an entrepreneur, founding my own software company, and then served major global IT vendors in international roles.

Bringing my global and seasoned experience, strategic thought leadership, ideation, persuasion, passion, and high energy to help teams of any size thrive in complexity, speed, and change is what fuels me. Mentoring & Coaching are invariably very fulfilling, especially with Millennials and Gen-Z .

Mentoring, coaching, educating, helping people
is what gets me up every morning.

Visiting Robben Island in South Africa, I was impressed about how committed Nelson Mandela was, despite all the obstacles in prison, to educate his mates. As he puts it: “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”

Feel free to engage. Contact me and let me know your thoughts as I would love to help you unlock your potential and achieve your vision.