I just started a small book by Jacques Attali: “Seven Lessons for life” or how to survive crisis, where the author develops these seven lessons in the context of the economic crisis but also suggests that we apply these in ou life to survive.

I wanted to share with you the seven lessons, imagining that they would trigger the same desire for reflection as it did for me:

  1. The first principle is to respect ourselves. This involves setting values and stick to it.
  2. The second principle, which I called “the intensity of time” should lead us to develop a project in the long term while being able to live the present moment as if it was the last.
  3. The third axis, “empathy” is to understand the dangers that surround us, to consider others (individuals, nations, companies …) to distinguish true potential allies and adversaries.
  4. The fourth principle, “Resilience” aims to provide assurances not to lose everything if a disruption were to occur.
  5. The fifth pillar, “creativity” should help transform adversity into an opportunity by considering each problem as a challenge.
  6. The sixth axis “ubiquity ” should lead to the extreme, radical change of life, to become – at least in appearance – the opposite of ourselves.
  7. Finally, if none of the above is enough, you have to put yourself in self-defense and overturn rules that threaten your own survival, leaving out the legality and enter in what I call “revolutionary thinking”.

Vast program isn’t it, but the opening pages depict vividly a world that is ours and that I truly belive is about time to change, at least from my point of view. Hedonism, individualism and selfishness in my opinion are demonstrating their ineffectiveness to make us happy, let’s change the world.


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