Happy New Year 2020

« Il n’y a rien de tel qu’un rêve pour créer le futur. »
“There is nothing like a dream to create the future.”
— Victor Hugo

I wish all of you to dream high, dream big, dream loud and to enjoy every single step taking you to your future.

Je vous souhaite de réver haut, grand et fort et de savourer chacune des étapes qui vous menera au plus près de votre futur.

Work your value proposition like crazy

Happy customer?
Did you really work your value proposition?

I cannot stop expanding the list of products or services introduced by major brands or startups that have miserably failed to meet their audience. Many reasons come to mind but for sure the value proposition is at the core of a good positioning. I just stumbled upon this simple framework that will help you work on you value proposition hopefully before you introduce a new product or service or a new version of it.

I’d encourage you to go through several interviews with prospects and customers to work on it at the expense of focusing to much on your beliefs, hunches and other top executive’s far too remote from them. Reality check: people are trying to obtain gains and alleviate pains they are in day to day, not necessarily the ones you are discussing in your executive meetings.

This video captures it pretty nicely. Feel free to share your experiences about value proposition and positioning in commenting this post.

Have a great week.


CX Network | Introducing Oracle’s VP of EMEA Marketing

CX Network

I’ve been interviewed by CX Networks recently as a new member of their Network’s Advisory Board. It’s all about hyper-personalised marketing, AI, chatbots and conversational UI like Voice Devices and other cutting edge marketing concepts in today’s customer experience economy. Curious to your approach about taking customer experience to the next level and comments on my views.

Here is an excerpt:

We speak to one of the newest members of CX Network’s Advisory Board – Emmanuel Obadia,VP Marketing, EMEA Applications at Oracle about cutting edge marketing concepts in today’s customer experience economy.

Hyper-personalised marketing is a key trend in the industry, how in your opinion have we seen this develop in 2018?

Emmanuel: “We moved from interruption marketing to permission marketing thanks to Mr Seth Godin; to inbound and content marketing more recently. Now we’re really in the consent marketing era. This is the necessary progression, because the consumers are now in control.

“The industry expectation is to apply real-time, one-to-one, in-context personalisation at scale. In practice, this is difficult  because the buyer’s journey is not linear at all and when your organisation becomes larger you will have different parts of the team working to address the customer experience for the marketing journey. It becomes even more difficult to do that in the context of the entire customer experience that goes across marketing, sales, ecommerce and customer service.

“A lot of companies have embarked on this mission to perform real-time, one-to-one, in-context personalisation at scale. But, according to a recent report I read in the UK, only 16% of organisations are able to adjust to customer experiences in real-time based on customer behaviour. Only 17% are able to adjust to the customer journey in a few hours. 25% say it takes more than a day because they’re going through manual processes.”

Read the entire interview on: CX Network | Introducing Oracle’s VP of EMEA Marketing

Economists worry we aren’t prepared for the…

Do we spend too much time focusing on how AI will destroy some jobs and not on how to fix this? According to this research, we actually do. Discover more insights here:

Economists worry we aren’t prepared for the…

So a robot takes your job — what next?

EMEAPAC Champions

Let’s take it on today: IoT, AI, And Blockchain. Time To Reimagine The Art Of The Possible? — Forbes

Taken together, the transformative effects of IoT, AI, and blockchain become multiplicative. Lots are written about it and it becomes difficult to figure what’s coming up next.

Our minds must stretch when we envision the impact of these three technologies taken together. It’s hard for us to wrap our heads around this new art of the possible. So much is changing in such a short timeframe.

Make no mistakes, this is the advent of digital transformation phase II, whatever our role in the enterprise we should be paying attention and starting to leverage these innovations within our daily jobs/life.

More and some examples in the Forbes article.

Source: OracleVoice: IoT, AI, And Blockchain: Time To Reimagine The Art Of The Possible?

10 Marketing Trends to act on in 2018 – SmarInsights

In these early Jan days, lots of media are publishing their own take on top marketing trends for 2018. Here are the top 10 from SmartInsights:

  • Trend 1. Integrating Marketing Activities Into the Customer Lifecycle
  • Trend 2. Integrating personalisation into the user journey / customer experience
  • Trend 3. Integrating machine learning into marketing automation
  • Trend 4. Integrating social messaging apps into communications
  • Trend 5. Integrating video into the customer journey
  • Trend 6. Integrating content marketing into the customer journey using a customer engagement strategy
  • Trend 7. Integrating search marketing into your content marketing activities
  • Trend 8. Integrating marketing technology
  • Trend 9. Integrating different data sources
  • Trend 10. Integrating digital marketing insights sources

Read more here: 10 Marketing Trends to act on in 2018


How Digital Marketing Will Change In 2018: 15 Top Trends – Forbes

Taking advantage of the very first days of 2018, let’s anticipate where our focus should be in evolving our marketing. Here is a solid list from Forbes that I subscribe to.

“New trends are entering the marketplace and your company needs to pay attention or you may be forced by the wayside.”

1. Augmented Reality Integrated Through Social Media
2. Collapse Of The Influencer Market
3. True Understanding Of Customer Journey
4. More Targeted Ads With Specific Purpose
5. Professional Live Video
6. Conversational User Interfaces
7. Video Marketing
8. Personalization Along All Stages Of The Sales Funnel
9. Contextual Targeting Strategies
10. Cost Per Experiment As A Leading Metric
11. Native Advertising
12. Digital Integrated Into Offline Experiences
13. Voice Marketing
14. Predictive Algorithms
15. Different Kind Of Content Marketing

Source: How Digital Marketing Will Change In 2018: 15 Top Trends

Happy New Year — 2018 — Bonne Année

Happy New Year 2018 - When there is a will there is a way - Winston Churchill

I wish all of you a great 2018, hoping we will find a way to get the world a better place for us and the generations to come. Check out this We could satisfy all of our energy needs in no time