After three decades in software, an entrepreneur at first, then an international executive for fast pace Big Tech corporations (Lotus, IBM, Peoplesoft, Sun Microsystems, Sage, Salesforce, Oracle), former EMEA Vice President of Marketing and Global Chief Product Officer, take a look at my bio and About for more details, I am thrilled today to help teams of any size thrive in complexity, speed, and change as an optimist trusted advisor, mentor, and coach.

You are a C-Suite member, business leader, or entrepreneur? Let me share my passion for how sustainable transformation combined with accelerated digital disruption is fostering a new world. Growing a profitable business isn’t contradictory to infusing People and the Planet to your company’s purpose and business blueprint. To that end, leveraging innovation and technology is a powerful strategy when co-designing it with your employees and customers creatively. Make it desirable, feasible, and viable. Unlock your potential to Care, Grow and Tell.


What is the 3P Program?

Integrate sustainability – People & Planet – to your existing business blueprint and purpose, for better Prosperity! Co-design an innovative actionable eco-socio responsible version of it with your employees & customers … in weeks, not months

  • Dimension your gaps against some of the 17 UNO Sustainable Development Goals relevant for your business
  • Educate your teams and spot your 3P (People, Planet, Prosperity) champions through gamified 3h workshops
  • Align champions & leaders with a 2 days co-design 3P Blueprint Workshop
  • Iterate with your customers to bring your 3P Business Blueprint to successful launch & execution


Purpose, Product Fit, Customer Journey

Innovate & transform to thrive in a customer and digital-obsessed era. Leverage my international experience and track record as a former VP of Marketing, Chief Product Officer, and Entrepreneur. Re-connect with employees’ and customers’ right brains using the Design Thinking human-centered iterative approach.

  • Boost value based B2B Marketing & Communications strategy & execution, leveraging cutting edge MARTECHADTECH and data insights
  • Future Proof your Customer Lifecycle and Experience
  • Hone your product & offer portfolio market fit, go-to-market and lifecycle
  • Maximize your team engagement with an authentic leadership impact locally or internationally


Storytelling for impact
Storytelling for Impact
Keynote about Marketing in English
CX Keynote en Français

Storytelling for impact and influence whether in 1to1, 1toFew, 1toMany in person or online, in French and English. Allow me to inspire your audience, maximize engagement, and ignite action during keynotes and panels as I did for thousands of attendees in conferences around the globe. Practice and hone your presentation skills via coaching sessions.

  • Delivering keynotes or moderating panels/conferences for you
  • Coaching individuals and teams in person or online
  • Laser coaching session to prepare a deck, a video and the narrative for public speaking, interviews, or a critical meeting


“Emmanuel has recently been very helpful with my team in the context of transformation/customer experience development. His energy, enthusiasm, and expertise have been recognized by all my team members who were really thankful for what he brought. Indeed, he made a very dynamic and engaging presentation and run a workshop where his expertise in terms … Continue reading Sanofi


“Emmanuel mentored me while I was working as VP Marketing at Didomi, a high-growth scale-up offering B2B software solutions, and needed crucial insights to structure our team, operations and processes. His coaching, mentoring, and advice proved to be very important for me as a young marketing leader, and I would recommend to any ambitious professional … Continue reading Didomi


“Emmanuel is a rock star.I always leave our sessions pumped up, like after a great concert. And what he said there still resonates in my mind weeks afterward, like a great song I cannot forget.Like any star, Emmanuel is a super pro. He has an in-depth experience on all corporate core topics, and knowledge of … Continue reading Stellar


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" Nelson Mendela

What Fuels Me
Bringing my global and seasoned experience, strategic thought leadership, ideation, persuasion, passion, and high energy to help teams of any size thrive in complexity, speed, and change is what fuels me.
Mentoring & Coaching are invariably very fulfilling, especially with Millennials and Gen-Z .

About Me

After 3 decades in software, as an entrepreneur at first, and as an international executive for fast pace Big Tech corporations, former Vice President of Marketing and Chief Product Officer, I’m thrilled to help teams of any size thrive in complexity, speed, and change.

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