I’ve been commenting and highlighting for some time what was appearing to happen at Dell — you can read all Dell related posts on Marketing 2.0. Dell customers should be glad to see Michael Dell return as the CEO of the company he created and by the way investors as well. Why? Mainly because Michael Dell has always been focused on customers satisfaction.
Let’s take a close look in the coming weeks to the concrete changes Michael Dell will initiate to turn things around. To begin with his recent e-mail to Dell employees already indicates that he will attack bureaucracy and develop its global services business.

I would repeat my recommendation, in a pure Marketing 2.0 inspiration:

“Appoint a Marketing 2.0 executive that you’d call Chief Voice of Customers Officer, with Web 2.0 as the only authorized marketing media. Engage the customer community in a genuine, transparent and honest 2 way conversation with your brand.”

Of course this is not to be considered as the only thing to be done, but one that could not be forgotten. Customer loyalty is key to any business growth and trust is key to customer loyalty. Trust nowadays demands transparency and genuine customer centric business state of mind. Good luck Michael.

One thought on “Michael Dell returns as the CEO: the shake-up is on its way

  1. Hi Emmanuel
    Appreciate the perspective that you offer, as well as suggestions. Michael is energized and we are ready to get at it. No company experiences perfectly linear growth. Every turn in the road we have hit, Dell has always emerged stronger and better. Like any 23 year old we are still learning lessons, but we try and learn right and keep going…..its the historical pattern.

    As you know Michael first identified some of the issues around our customer experiences in a fortune interview and is very focused on the turn around we have under way on that front.

    Also, as you likely know we have been actively engaging with customers in honest dialogues all over the web during the past several months. At the same time, we have launched studiodell, an interactive video site, as well as the direct2dell.com blog–which has been a great source of conversation with customers. We are also at second life…all of this furthering our converstaions with customers.

    In the meantime, we are expecting to embark on several other initiatives that will push the transparency and customer input even further.

    Thanks for the good wishes


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