Just a quick one to be shared for those of you mostly in B2B marketing, as I do, and wonder how online media investments are evolving more specifically in this environment.

Here are some projection from www.eMarketer.com in a report they’ve just released Marketing Online: Trends and Tactics. To be noted that according to this report, spending on B2B marketing and advertising regained the momentum lost during the bubble burst in 2000, reaching $2.4 billion in 2006 to be compared with deceleration in traditional media.

Interestingly in the US, 98% of 220 manufacturers interviewed do have a web site, and 87% for more than 3 years. Even better, 52% consider their site as the most powerful marketing tool, knowing that increasing pressure on Marketing accountability and return on investment (ROI) makes this “most powerful” judgment a relevant one.

As you’ll discover in the table above, the share of online spending compared to total B2B Media spending seems to evolve rapidly towards 10% average on its way to 13% in 2010. In our industry, I mean IT, we’ve gone beyond that point since long. But we’re naturally incline to do so as our customers are 100% on the web, and use it as the primary information source after peers recommendation. That would open an entire topic of interest, very dear to me in B2B, which is marketing via the influencers, to be totally revisited in light of Web 2.0 i.e. another Marketing 2.0 facet.


One thought on “Online spending trends in B2B Marketing

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