According to eMarketer research, 2010 sees US consumers get the news, all demographics combined, online as much as on the radio or even more than through newspapers. This is a confirmed trend that I highlighted already some time ago, but it was at that time only for one demographic.

As a news delivery vehicle, the internet is second only to television, according to the Pew Research Center. More than 90% of Americans use one or more sources to get their daily news, and the number of digital channels is growing. Pew found that, on a typical day, 44% of US adults got news through a digital channel, either online or via mobile internet, email, social networks or podcasts.” — eMarketer

Should you rethink your PR activity? Yes you can!

Here is now some more details about the behavior of the US population sliced by demographics:

 To publishers, digital publications taking advantage of our proliferating mobile devices are to be taken into account to survive or thrive.

“While the number of digital newspaper readers will continue to grow as digital devices proliferate, the number of print newspaper readers will remain flat or continue to drop.” eMarketer senior analyst and author of the new report “The Digital News Audience: 24/7 Participation.”

And finally, let me share with you what role Twitter plays in this:

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