First of all thanks to those of you asking me to write more often, much appreciated. One of the reason I didn’t write too much recently lies in the fact that I started to work in a new company and I’m overwhelmed with new information to absorb and categorize. I wish I had a Wiki built in my brain, so everyone could contribute. But that would be brain 2.0 isn’t it?

So fellow marketers, I’ll be getting back to a better post frequency as soon as possible and of course I’ll let you know rapidly what company decided to have me on board. The one thing I can tell you at this point is that I’m back to the Enterprise Application Software gang. It’s going to rock there and I’ll be writing about it in the near future.

I just wanted to drive your attention to this interesting joint Intel and Google announcement I read in Advertising Age: Intel, Google Join Forces for ‘Virtual Marketing Storefront’. Let’s get rid of the bells and whistles, Intel is agreeing to have Google as the middle man to manage partners co-marketing on-line (at least for on-line advertising for now). Strange move isn’t it, and I don’t buy it. If one vendor is serious about his ecosystem, one needs to manage it and not leave this to third parties having a biased interest that might hurt the vendor’s strategy.
I don’t have anything against Google, and I should say I praise them to have vigorously made Web 2.0 strong, but I would not let Google be my middle-man, instead I’d have Google be my ecosystem provider. Not to mention that Intel’s partners would probably benefit from an integrated approach to their co-marketing experience with Intel. On-line advertising is far from being enough.

Apart from this, if you didn’t notice Google’s accelerated pace to expand their business footprint, here is a quote that says it all:

“This month alone, the company has announced its intent to acquire ad-placement giant DoubleClick; struck a deal with Clear Channel Radio to sell ads on its radio stations; added support from several major radio-station systems for its Google AdSense for Audio program; and partnered with EchoStar to sell TV commercials over the satellite broadcaster’s Dish Network. ” — Beth Snyder Bulik, Advertising Age

Hey fellows at Microsoft, it’s about time for you to react to try to grab some of the $125 billion advertising market Steve Ballmer claimed he was after.


One thought on “Would you have Google as your middle man?

  1. Hi Emmanuel, I am not able to understand your fear. Intel has their own business, and they have to advertise, and what make difference if they are using google… They must have done some aggremment for information protection behind the scene.


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