I attended yesterday an event in Paris entitled “Interactive Marketing: future is in our hand”, co-organized by Microsoft and the media planning group MPG . The fact that Microsoft is putting some effort to address the communication specialists and advertising agencies, is a clear signal that Steve Ballmer’s statement about the advertising business – see Watch advertising and make money on Marketing 2.0 – is already in execution mode in the field.

It was interesting to understand what Microsoft offering and strategy was and if Web 2.0 was already matured enough to deliver concrete tactics. Marc Bresseel, Regional Sales Director MSN EMEA walked us through Microsoft offering and Anne Kirah, Senior Design Anthropologist which I recommend listening to, check out her keynote address video at Tech.Ed 06 in Sydney, shared with us what interactive marketing should pay attention to vis-à-vis on-line international audiences behaviors. This impressive and well organized push for Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions (MDAS) is a clear signal and lead me to ask to myself: Hey Microsoft, are you becoming Googled? i.e. is advertising revenue going to become mainstream in Microsoft business model?

I’m not sure despite Marc referring to blogs, RSS and AJAX, in a typical technology centric view of the world, that Web 2.0 is yet at the core in MDAS, but we’ll be watching.

Not only does Live initiative demonstrate the rising success of software as a service model, but MDAS could be one of the Microsoft answer to the burning question of what is the appropriate software business model in the future, as it is center stage with music and video for the majors for some time now.

Marketing 2.0 could then have a significant new role in these companies: carry revenue quota just like any other division. I’m sure a lot of us in the IT industry are going to pay a lot of attention to the advertising market revenue forecasts as of today. You can bet I will be sharing it here in Marketing 2.0 when I get some.


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