Looking back…
Transformational – 2021 revealed my passion for people, innovation, technology and sustainable development as a purpose to better serve society. While leaving Oracle, this past year led me to help some entrepreneurs along with business leaders and their teams to unlock their true potential. Thanks to Design Thinking and newly acquired coaching skills, I was able to exchange with many of you to empathize with your dream goals, aspirations, business challenges, and needs.

Looking forward…
Hopeful – I do believe in 2022 as a promise for more awareness and initiatives to make People, Planet and Prosperity reunited. And that could lead to a better world if we all come together as one. Our collective intelligence, energy, knowledge and action can make miracles. Numerous examples of successful transformations already stand out as proof to address the impact revolution we are now in, alongside the digital one, and as a reason to keep looking forward.

So let me wish you all a wonderful new year now, and tell you about a promising one along the way…together.  

Stay tuned! Because I’ll make sure to engage and communicate about it soon.


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