A recent study published by ComScore and its research partner dunnhumbyUSA, shows that consistent online advertising can actually lift retail sales in the CPG industry by 9% over a 3 months period and contribute more to brand building than TV ads (+8% over a 12 months period according to an Information Resources, Inc. report.).

“These early results confirm the ability of online advertising to successfully build retail sales of [consumer packaged goods] brands on par with the impact of television advertising. It is likely that the more precise targeting ability of the Internet – especially in terms of accurately reaching the desired demographic segment – is a key reason for its effectiveness. That is meaningful in and of itself, but when you take into account the fact that online advertising is generally less costly than television, these results take on even greater significance,” said Gian Fulgoni, Executive Chairman of comScore

Let me know how does your marketing-mix looks for the remaining part of 2009, you may bend it to more of the web?



2 thoughts on “Online Ads more effective than TV for offline CPG Sales growth and brand building: +9%

  1. Your email contact page isn't working…..


    I am a frustrated customer of SAGE and trying to correct that, but in my attempts have come across a pretty mangled lead generation effort on the part of Sage. I've my communications with this rep to highlight to my mareting team what not to do.

    If you'd like some feedback on problems, send me a note..


  2. Hi Peter, I comme accross your comment pretty late. Sorry to hear that you've been frustrated and that your way to express it is to leave a comment on my personal blog.
    Yes, I'd be happy to hear more.


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