You know I usually never discuss matters directly relating to the company I work for, but today I need to make an exception.
I was fortunate enough to participate to the public launch of Sage ERP X3 in Germany. Kudos to the team! Big milestone in our expansion, well prepared, executed with fun.
So here is why the exception: the German team decided to produce a funny video and I could not help but to share it with you.

Have fun! Share it, ERP marketing can be fun as well 😉

I’m sure Christopher on the team would be happy to discuss about typical marketing 2.0 tactics.


3 thoughts on “Do you see the elephant?

  1. Pas mal trouvé :+)Excellent indeed…Ach, quelle fin zubdile… elle est sans doute de trop :+)That proofs one more time that it's possible to create original and punchy campaigns even for IT & BtoB


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