Fellow Marketers, I know I’ve been busy like crazy since a while but let’s believe that I’ll be back here with more regularity.
I’ve been tracking Internet users growth since Scott McNealy, in one of his colorful keynote, reminded all of us that the Internet was still growing fast. Most of us in the western world do believe that Internet is a given but it’s growing still fast – 5M new users per week – and growing mobile especially in Asia.

For us, marketers and software vendors, it must remain on our radar chart when we plan our campaigns and product roadmaps, especially when social networking is front stage. Why? Because more users on the net means more value for the network thus for the Internet, this is Bob Metcalfe law. It means more reach for any community every day.

If this is accurate, then Web 2.0 is going to bring a lot of revenue on the table, not only VC’s, and Mobile Web 2.0 should as well. Juniper Research issued in May 2008 an interesting white paper stating that “Mobile Web 2.0 revenues to reach $22.4bn by 2013 driven by User Generated Content and Social Networking.” Point taken and much appreciated.

Get ready for it. Web 2.0 burst year one i.e. 2007 was all about user generated content. Year 2 i.e. 2008 will be all about social networking and your multiple social networking identities management. More on this later, but you can double check Web 2.0 2008 conference keynotes that I did attend in San Francisco last April.


One thought on “Mobile Web 2.0 revenues to reach $22.4B in 2013

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