Wow! This is a confirmation that e-commerce is now for real and significantly impacts the retail industry. The overall traditional retail business in the US just grew between 2.5% and 3.5% during the 2006 holiday season according to analysts. To be compared with the 26% growth for the retail e-commerce in Nov/Dec 2006 according to comScore Networks (see chart and E-Commerce Hits All-Time High in 2006 ). Daily scores averaged $600M A DAY, with a peak at $667M on December 13 according to comScore, to be compared with the $556M peak in 2005.

For the full year, 2006 online retail spending reached $102 billion, a 25% increase on 2005. Don’t ask if Marketing 2.0 needs to deal with e-commerce returns, just make sure your e-commerce web site and entire back office organization is up and running.

Read more about e-commerce in Marketing 2.0.


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