Search marketing has emerged as a powerful way to accelerate Marketing ROI together with brand awareness in the recent years. With user generated content and Web 2.0 fueling Marketing 2.0, search engine optimization (SEO) is considered now as the top Marketing Tactic. This recent survey published by MarketingSherpa, demonstrates it more clearly out of 3,053 client-side marketers asked about the Top Marketing Tactic’s ROI — see the chart above. The respondents based their rating on measured tactics within the last 12 months in their company.

As you can see the results are separated by offering type:

  • products as books, PC or Travel, usually measuring direct impact on sales (lower response rate)
  • lead generation for offering such as financial services or real-estate, more incline to measure leads received from soft or free offers (higher response rate)

But at the same time, B2B software firms — dear to my heart — are lacking effective SEO. Again this survey finds out that 28% of them did not optimize well enough to appear in the first page of organic ranking for search on core keywords to their business, no matter how big the brand was. You can read the MarketingSherpa full report for more insight.

Is it correlated to a slower than expected spend in outsourced SEO? Or lack of focus from our Marketing Executives on the topic? We know SEO must be tracked on a daily basis and adjusted on the fly to boost results.

More is to be said about SEO in Marketing 2.0 and I’ll probably come back on this topic shortly with more. In the meantime, let’s share our experience: feel free to post your own take on this in a comment right here on Marketing 2.0.


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