This is the week break. Isn’t it the right time to think about what we’ve achieved during the first half of this year. What did we change in the way we execute marketing ? Did we learn new things ?

To me this 2006 H1 has been really the time for Web 2.0 to enter marketer’s life world-wide, not only in the US. The number of conferences, meetings, and blogs mentioning Web 2.0’s impact on the way we think about marketing is really amazing.
I’m based out of Paris, sharing my time with the Bay Area. Over time, I’ve noticed as an indicator that when a buzz is suddenly spreading new seminars in Paris, it really means that this new buzz is now international and going to be a real wave. The one I attended last week was one of these signals.

Naturally when living in the Bay Area, Web 2.0 is just already there ! The impact on marketing is real. That being said, how many marketers are really taking advantage of it? How many of us are encouraging our customers to express their opinion on our product and services ? How many of us are considering communities as the main vehicle for awareness ? Even in the Bay Area ?
Not many as far as I know. Please react here with your experience if different.

This is why I felt to start this new blog and called it Marketing 2.0. To me a real new era is starting for Marketing where

  • consumers and customers are fully empowered,
  • directly in dialog with your brand,
  • your messages can now be mass-customized and relationship is really two ways,
  • to get through the clutter of advertising overload, your brand needs to speak the truth
  • and it get worse : change is now constant, you cannot rest on what you’ve been learning over the last Quarter.

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