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Let me share my passion about Business Strategy, Marketing and the Digital Revolution as all businesses are due to rapidly transition their customer experience to the mobile, cloud, social networks and Internet of Things era. The paradigm shift we’re entering is the most brutal and tectonic of the industrial age, coming from a society profound transformation where crowd-sourced economies of scale are rising.

I tend to post on these and many other trends, so please visit my blog for more.

Entering my 25+ years in Information Technology, see my bio and In the news, I have already taken an active part to the last major paradigm shifts in our industry : the personal computing revolution in the 80’s, the Internet bubble in the 90’s and now cloud & mobile computing, social networking and Internet of Things.

Our world is changing faster than ever and in a much more collaborative manner: this is the Power of us and this is why I like this industry.

  • We don’t need to own a PC because internet access is now everywhere and we also carry multiple internet enabled devices. Mobile access to the internet has surpassed desktop access, as anticipated since 2007 | #Mobile
  • All of our data, and now the applications to use it, are securely hosted on the network for ubiquitous usage, this is called Cloud Computing | #Cloud | #CloudComputing
  • Every individual is potentially a contributor to the Web and multiple communities: consumers are truly empowered, this is the power of us |  | 
  • Y and Z generations have been raised in a social web and mobile world and organize their life and work with it, as naturally as my generation used TV and Phones |  | 
  • The Internet of Things will count more than 20B connected devices of all nature, changing our daily life forever in numerous areas and open the next wave of computing. Stay tuned… | 

I cannot be more impatient to discover what the future will bring us to play and live with: augmented reality, nano technologies in our bodies, no more devices — we are the ultimate device, genetics to cure most and true leverage of all of this for a better world and more real interactions among individuals.

Feel free to contact me and let me know your thoughts as I would love to help you achieve your vision.

Let’s share,


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